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5 Surefire Signs You Are in Need for Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

September 20, 2019

5 Surefire Signs You Are in Need for Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

Machinery is not without their faults, and air compressor units/systems are no exception.


Keeping your daily business operations on track and uninterrupted also fall under the remit of air compressor systems. The alternative can presage major setbacks to your operational capacity.


Nonetheless, while some innocuous faults are part and parcel during operation, there are a few standout signs that are indicative for the need of air compressor repair in Toronto by a technician.


1) Significant Drop in Air Pressure

One of the more common diagnoses amongst air compressors are air leaks. The root of this issue typically stems from loose couplers or tank valves that no longer adequately close and seal air inside. We recommend having an expert technician on the scene to inspect your unit so that they may pinpoint issues ranging from air drafts from hoods to worn piston seals.


2) Repeatedly Blown Fuses

If you notice that your compressor unit is continually responsible for triggering your breakers, then you should take the opportunity to source services for air compressor repair in Toronto. Having your unit constantly blowing fuses and breakers is a characteristic sign that its motor has aged and/or is not being supplied sufficient energy.


3) Off Switch Not Working

Similar in vein to any other air compressor part, the switches of your compressor unit undergo wear throughout their life. Complications like this can be as simple as a mechanical switch malfunction or, in more serious cases, be symptomatic of internal corrosion of the switch’s wiring. To avoid complications, we highly discourage you from dismantling the unit without an experienced technician overseeing operations. Reach out to a technician from Compressed Air International to address your need for air compressor repair in Toronto.


4) Spike in Utility Expenses

A strong correlation exists between significant jumps in utility billing and the need for air compressor repair. The cause is simple - old motors complete equivalent amounts of work inefficiently when compared to newer motors; expending more gas and electricity.


Other symptoms may not be present and your compressor unit may be working as intended, which is why we recommend contacting an experienced technician to perform a comprehensive inspection on your unit. We also provide energy audits for your compressed air system, in addition to our repair service.


5) Pervasive Smell of Oil During Operation

Noticeably prevalent odours of oil during the operation of air-powered machinery means that compressor oil has infiltrated the air passages and tubes of your unit. This is problematic as it is a common precursor to plastic degradation and rupture throughout your unit. Having this issue sorted promptly can save you a lot of time and expense later down the road; consider services around air compressor repair in Toronto.


Unmatched Air Compressor Repair Service and Pricing

Allaying the downtime at a facility cannot be understated as associated costs compound on one another during this time. For over 50 years now, we at Compressed Air International have provided air compressor repair in Toronto centred on keeping downtime as low as possible; we can even provide a provisional air compressor while repairs take place. Reach out to our technicians who are on call 24/7 to help you get back on track!