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Preventative Maintenance Program
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compressed air preventative maintenance program

If you are looking for ways to reduce downtime because of non-functioning machinery, perhaps you should be looking at a Preventative Maintenance program in Toronto, GTA, & SW Ontario for your compressed air machines.  A regular maintenance program can ensure that your machines run at optimal performance.  When you compare the costs of a PM program to an Emergency air compressor repair, you will find that your overall costs are substantially minimized.

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings in terms of expensive rental costs, plant shutdown costs, idling employees and lost production.  PM programs can be scheduled between shifts.
  • Preferred parts costs.  Don't pay for expensive emergency parts because regular suppliers are closed.  We ensure we have your required parts in stock before we come out to perform the PM service.
  • Preferred labour rates.  You will receive flat rates for service, even if it is scheduled for a weekend or after-hours.
  • Extended Compressor LifeYou could cause irreversible damage to machinery by running the machine without oil, or with clogged filters and separators.
  • Qualifications.  Using service technicians trained specifically for compressed air systems rather than in-house staff ensures repairs are completed safely and accurately.

Our simplest and most cost effective way to ensure that your compressed air system is maintained to a high standard of energy efficiency, reliability and dependability is with our Scheduled Inspection Program.


What's Included?

The PM program includes an entire check of the compressed air operation, monitoring and recording hours of operation and maintenance and service updates.  We provide all needed services and repairs (subject to customer approval).  You receive a full inspection report.

How often?

PM programs can be arranged on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis.

How do I set this up?

Contact us and we will assess your system requirements and provide you with a quote.  There are no contracts to sign.  The program can be cancelled at any time, without cost.  More comprehensive PM programs are also available  Please let us know your requirements.