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Compressed Air Dryers

Over the years, compressed air demand and the development of new and more sophisticated devices and controls has increased the need for clean, dry air.  Compressed Air Dryers in Toronto or Guelph is the solution.  There are critical reasons for the need to rid the air of moisture, such as:

  • Decreasing your operating costs of your compressed air system with cleaner, dryer air
  • Improving performance efficiency with the reduction of buildup of dirt, water and oil deposits in the pipes & fittings
  • Reducing damage to downstream tools (ie. pneumatics, air power tools, instrument air etc.)
  • Reducing spoilage of spray paint applications
  • Minimizing malfunctions to equipment, incorrect readings, interrupting or shutting down plant processes
  • Eliminating cold weather freezing control lines

The solution to all these problems is a compressed air dryer package in Toronto or Guelph.  Depending on your compressed air requirements one of our refrigerated, high temperature or desiccant dryers will resolve this issue.  The proper selection is based on a number of issues, including: the use of the compressed air - different end uses can tolerate different degrees of moisture; the temperature the end use must operate at and the ACTUAL performance of the air dryer

Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you determine your specific requirements to meet your needs.  Having clean, dry air will decrease your operating costs of your compressed air system.