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Your Guide To Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto

July 05, 2018

Your Guide To Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto

Air compressors are stellar pieces of machinery but once they fail, they can cost you a hefty sum of money. While this may be unfortunate, this shouldn’t let you abstain from buying used air compressors in Toronto, particularly when you deal with a trusted vendor.


Buying used air compressors in Toronto can help you save money, while also giving you a high quality product that is sure to help you conduct your business!


Second-hand equipment offers a sound temporary solution for your compressed air needs, especially if budget is your main concern. Many used air compressors in Toronto have been properly taken care of by the previous owners. The major part of deciding what type of used air compressor to purchase is how you’re going to be using it. Would you bring it around to different sites or install it on your shop?


Though you are generally saving money when purchasing used air compressors in Toronto, it may be more beneficial if you spend more money for a stronger used model. Typically, oil-lubricated compressors are best for industrial and large-scale applications since they have a stronger engine, higher CFM ratings, and also provide options for larger tanks. Always carefully inspect the entire machine, especially the tank, and never be afraid to ask questions regarding a compressor’s former application.


If you’re looking for used air compressors in Toronto for an indoor application, the basic electric compressor is a great choice. Using standard voltage ratings, it doesn’t require the use of gas and thus does not release exhaust. It’s important to check how it was previously used so that any problems may be addressed before purchase.


For an outdoor job, it’s best to use a gas-powered air compressor. It uses a more powerful engine than its electric counterpart, but it requires good ventilation and uses oil for its cooling systems. Gas-powered used air compressors in Toronto have typically had a rough life and are perfect for dirty and grimy outdoor tasks. It’s vital that you check all the hoses, tanks, and filters before you make your purchase so that any issues may be identified.


When you’re looking for quality used air compressors in Toronto, look no further than Compressed Air International. We offer a selection of quality used air compressors for your industrial application. If you’re worried about any of our used equipment breaking, don’t worry! We offer a one-year warranty with every one of our used air compressors in Toronto, so contact us today!