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Your Guide to Air Compressor Parts

April 15, 2020

Your Guide to Air Compressor Parts

Maintenance is a key component of proper air compressor operation. If you want your machines to perform at an optimal standard for a long period of time, it is vital that you engage the services of preventative maintenance to keep your machine in tip-top shape. A good service provider should have access to the best air compressor parts in Toronto. They can provide you with original, high-quality replacement parts to ensure that any repair or replacement work significantly boosts your air compressor’s performance.


Today, we will go over some of the most important air compressor parts and what their functions are:



Valves regulate air flow and drain water. If they are faulty, you could experience leakages which could lead to costly bills and a loss of efficiency.


2. Bumpers

Bumpers are used to shield valves from contact and other kinds of damage. To avoid the costly replacement of valves, you will need to keep these bumpers in good condition.


3. Bearings

Bearings help reduce friction and bear the fluctuating load when the piston compresses air. When properly-lubricated, bearings will be able to function well and reduce the overall wear and tear of your machine.


4. Actuators

An actuator creates linear mechanical motion and is responsible for delivering the compressed air to the tools that require pressurized air.


5. Belts
Belts are one of the most vulnerable parts of an air compressor. Keep these belts in their proper tension to avoid them slipping or creating excessive noise.


6. Connecting Rods

Connecting rods withstand a heavy workload as it moves the piston up and down inside the crankcase. If properly maintained, this part can be quite durable and will not need to be replaced often.


Finding the Best Air Compressor Parts in Toronto


To ensure that you get only the best air compressor parts in Toronto, make sure you work with the most reliable suppliers.  


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