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Why You Should Not DIY Repair Your Air Compressors

April 27, 2021

Why You Should Not DIY Repair Your Air Compressors

Having an in-house team perform air compressor repair in Toronto feels practical because you wouldn't need to outsource anything to repair professionals. Unfortunately, it's one of the biggest mistakes many businesses make. It is always better to use manufacturer-approved repair technicians in handling your compressor repairs.


Here are five reasons why professional air compressor repairs in Toronto are necessary:


Time and Resource Consuming

It's great to save money in terms of air compressor repair in Toronto. However, if it compromises your time and resources, you're better off outsourcing repairs to professionals. Your in-house repair team cannot achieve the repair skills of manufacturer-certified teams, who have decades of training and top repair equipment.


Zero Functional Guarantees

Your operators and in-house repair team have in-depth experience using your machines. However, it requires decades of repair skill education, experience, and knowledge to achieve guaranteed results through tried, proven, and adapted methods. Only a professional service providing air compressor repair in Toronto can provide these.


Can Void Your Warranty

Manufacturer-certified repair teams exist because they need a team they can trust to deliver the consistent skill and results that client businesses need. Using an in-house repair team will void any possible product warranty on your compressor.


No Way to Source Replacement Parts

Most manufacturers will not supply air compressor spare parts because only certified technicians and distributors can access them. Distributors will not provide non-certified repair teams access to air compressor spare parts.


Absent Repair Warranties

Lastly, your in-house repair team can't provide you with labour warranties. If something goes wrong, your in-house team has to inspect and fix everything from scratch. The business must spend additional money for the added parts and tools they'll need.


Use Only the Best Repair Team Available

You can always count on us at Compressed Air International to provide you with the best repair teams capable of recovering your air compressor's capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.