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Why change Air Compressor Parts Toronto?

January 19, 2015

Why change Air Compressor Parts Toronto?

Air compressor parts Toronto need to be changed on compressed air systems and are a normal cost in running a compressed air system.


Most reciproacting types of compressors will require air filter and oil changed on a regular basis.  Rotary screw compressors and Rotary vane compressors will required air filter and oil filters changed every 2000 hours and the separator and oil changed every 4000 hours. Oil free compressors will require air compressor parts changed as per other types, but without the oil change.

Downstream products will require change outs as well.  For example Desiccant Air Dryers need the desiccant replaced, Oil water separators need the carbon bags, exhaust filters, foam pads and white ktis replaced.  Compressed Air Filters need the elements changed.

Wear and Tear

Things like bearings, pressure switches etc. will eventually wear out and will required changing to keep the compressor running properly.


Sometimes unplanned things happen.  For example, large debris enters the air passages and clogs or damanges the system, a loose bearing damages internal components, etc.  When this happens other air compressor parts will require changing.


Older machines will sometimes require the air end to be stripped and rebuilt or overhauled.  When this happens the air end is taken apart piece by piece.  Worn out parts and damaged parts are replaced and then the air end is put back together like new.  A variety of parts will be used in this case to complete the job and give new life to an old compressor.


Regdless of the need or reason, air compressor parts Toroonto can be readily found.