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Which to Buy? Reciprocating or Rotary Type Used Air Compressors in Toronto

June 22, 2018

Which to Buy? Reciprocating or Rotary Type Used Air Compressors in Toronto

If you are in the market for used air compressors in Toronto, you will discover very quickly that by far and away the two most common air compressor configurations are the reciprocating piston and rotary screw type air compressors.


Whereas some buyers do not discern between the two, the informed buyer will understand the relative benefits of each and the operating conditions they were designed for. So, before you finalize on your reciprocating or rotary type used air compressors in Toronto, read this handy comparison of the two.


Rotary screw-type air compressor

As the name suggests, rotary screw air compressors comprise of helical screws encased in a chamber. As the screws are rotated, the volume in the chamber reduces and air pressure increases. Though much depends on the capacity of the rotary air compressor, but they are usually assigned to tasks requiring continuous air flow but at not too high air pressures.

What makes them such sturdy workhorses and sustained operation possible is their inherent design, which results in reduced stresses in the air compressor. Rotary air compressors perform far more quietly, allowing them to be installed in workshops and not having workers wear ear protection. Moreover, they are more energy efficient than reciprocating piston compressors. However, these benefits come at a price, which is the price itself. Rotary screw air compressors are usually more expensive than their reciprocating piston compressors; but, given your usage, the savings in energy costs may make a better financial case.


Reciprocating piston-type air compressor

The principle on which reciprocating piston air compressors function is similar to the one found in internal combustion engines in cars – except for the adding fuel and combusting the admixture part.

These air compressors are said to be more suited for higher pressures and low flow applications. The reciprocating piston air compressor works on the principle of a piston housed in a cylinder compressing air in its cycle. As the piston moves, air is first sucked into the cylinder, the chamber is sealed and as the piston is in its return stroke, it compresses the gas. Most compressors typically use two or more pistons, the smallest of air compressors can make do with one.

The piston air compressor is far more popular, and you will find a large range of piston-type used air compressors in Toronto. Piston air compressors are also cheaper to maintain than they rotary screw counterparts. They are, however, a lot noisier.


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