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Where to Service Your Air Compressor

May 17, 2016

Where to Service Your Air Compressor


Air compressor service in Guelph is necessary since almost every business and household now uses air compressors not just as a means to inflate flat tires but also as a power source if needs be. Air compressors are used in a variety of applications. It can be found in almost all gas stations in your area and it is also utilized by huge manufacturing plants. As years go by, it also became essential equipment found in many workshops, garages as well as basements of many households.

Household air compressors are usually model sized that are equipped to handle almost all applications. It can be used to inflate pool toys or to power various tools such as spray guns, nail guns, impact wrenches, sanders, staplers, drills and many more. These household compressors can be purchased in local home improvement stores, your local provider of air compressor service in Guelph, and can also be ordered through mail order catalogs. One of the main reasons of the popularity of air power is its ability to operate even without huge motors but only a single motor inside the compressor is enough to transform the electrical energy and make it into kinetic energy. Overall, the air compressor is a handy tool that is light to carry around and compact in size. The motor runs without much noise and fewer air compressor parts need to be serviced in Guelph.

In order to accurately service an air compressor in Guelph, it is important that one knows the type of compressor that they have. There are many types of air compressor available such as compressors that create air pressure with the help of rotating impellers but the most popular in many households is the compressors that utilize positive displacement. This is also known to mechanics and contractors as well as woodworkers. With this type of air compressor, the space of the air is reduced thus increasing the pressure. The space reduction is accomplished with the help of a reciprocating piston.

The usual air compressor either has single or two cylinders depending on the tools that are powered by the compressor. The compressors used by the homeowners are usually equipped with two cylinders but operates as if it has a single cylinder. The only difference is that every revolution creates two strokes instead of the usual single stroke. Air compressors are built with a pressure switch that will automatically stop the motor once the limit set for the tank has been reached. The limit for most single stage types is around 125 psi. Oil is used as a lubricant in the case of most compressors that are articulated-piston. The lubricant serves as an oil bath on the walls of the cylinder as well as the bearings while the crank is rotating. The rings on the piston are responsible in keeping the oil ensuring that the air is not contaminated in anyway. Models that require the use of oil needs to be checked regularly and the oil must be changed periodically. It is also necessary that they operate on a surface that is flat and leveled.

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