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What to look for when buying a used air compressor in Toronto

April 25, 2018

What to look for when buying a used air compressor in Toronto

Buying a used air compressor in Toronto is an opportunity for realizing tremendous value.


Used air compressors will meet your commercial needs, and do so at a remarkably lower price than one purchased new.


That said, in order to make an informed decision about what is best for you, here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. Compressor type – Compressors typically come in two types: piston and rotary screw. Depending on the application you’ll be using it for, the design may be relevant for you. Moreover, piston type air compressors may be configured with dual pistons. Again, whether such a setup is suitable depends on intended application.
  2. Compressor design – User air compressors in Toronto come in all shapes and sizes. Some have one tank, others more; tank shape; placement of pipes and motors are indicative of how the compressor was intended to be used. Besides, how much floor space they will take up is a major consideration too. Make sure to be certain about this when you buy your used air compressor in Toronto, if it’s a hot dog, pancake, twin-stacker or wheelbarrow you need.
  3. Power requirements – All too often, before buying a used air compressor in Toronto, someone will devote a great deal of thought into the compressor, but ignore the ancillaries. What and how much the power requirements are something you should know. Certainly, two compressors are unlikely to have the exact same power requirements, so make sure to find out if you need to make any changes to your setup. Also check the voltage and amperage to gauge the compressor.
  4. Maintenance – When buying a used air compressor in Toronto from a reliable source, these checks are more routine than mandatory. But be sure to ask about when the unit was serviced and if the oil needs to be changed. Silent used air compressors are not always the best bet either.


Compressed Air International is your obvious choice for buying used air compressors Toronto. Our inventory consists of used air compressors maintained ‘like new’, factory original and refurbished. And our warehouses in Toronto (Vaughan) and Guelph mean more accessible and faster response times.

Buying one of our used models can help you to not only meet your commercial needs, but to do so at a remarkably lower price than a new piece. You can benefit from cost-savings while simultaneously meeting your business needs.

In addition to tested and refurbished user air compressors in Toronto, CAI offers a team of factory trained technicians 24/7 for air compressor service in Toronto and Guelph. We service all makes and models of used air compressors in Toronto, and also dryer and accessories.