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What Smart Buyers Are doing when they purchase used air compressors in Toronto

November 12, 2019

What Smart Buyers Are doing when they purchase used air compressors in Toronto

Many facilities are now opting to purchase used air compressors in Toronto. This mainly comes down to the huge markups in price, in some cases reaching higher than 50% of its MSRP.


When buying used equipment, it’s important to heighten your senses; this is an area prone to exploitative practices.


We had previously touched upon what you need to keep in mind when it comes to air compressor repair. Pairing nicely with this, today’s piece will align your sail when it comes to factors that should be under your consideration for the purchasing of a used air compressor in Toronto:


Age is more than a number

Those in the market for a used car often turn their attention towards the mileage and years of ownership as strong determinants in their purchasing decision. Why shouldn’t the same apply for your used air compressors?


As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to find how useful employing this perspective can be; used air compressors in Toronto beyond 5-8 years of age are known to demonstrate abundant wear and tear.


If you find yourself dubious surrounding the touted price of used equipment, we advise you seek judgement from a technician to deliver an educated and conclusive estimate of the unit’s age, and wear and tear levels.


Restoration is Required To a Certain Point

It is inevitable for a used air compressor in Toronto to not have encumbered some wear on its parts over the course of time. Which is precisely why astute purchasers will dedicate a pool of money specifically for any restoration work that may be required.


A fine balancing act is required at this point when looking to purchase the used unit; should restoration costs equal or surmount that of a new industrial air compressor, then it would be wise to outright purchase the new unit.


It’s All About the Post-Sale Perks

Unlike a new unit, you must check to see if the used unit you are purchasing – especially those <10 years in operation – still have their manufacturer’s warranty. On top of this, ensure your needs for a technician are mapped out in advance as dismantling, delivery, and installation are specialized processes.


Suppliers like us at Compressed Air International ensure our policies remain transparent by letting you know that all of our used air compressors in Toronto come with a 1 year warranty, test certification, and free on-site commissioning. We do this because we know, for our customers, convenience is king.  


Tell me a little about yourself…

More than just small talk and a formality, painting a picture of the unit’s previous work environment can pay dividends in informing you whether the owner employed the unit for work within its boundaries. Work performed outside of these limitations can spell disaster for accelerated wear.


These limits are in place for good reason, with overheating being a predominant consequence upon ignoring them. A compliant unit is undoubtedly a sign that you’re on the right track to purchasing a used air compressor in Toronto in good working order.


If you ever find yourself apprehensive about whether the pricing on a unit sounds too good, refer back to this list to help you find your bearings. Or, you could…


Work with a trusted supplier

As you read earlier, we understand the measures we need to put in place to make your purchasing decision as effortless as possible. With warehouses in Toronto and Guelph, you can be sure that we have the logistical capacity to deliver to your facility.


Our pedigree is our pride, with over 50 years in the business, we’ve yet to steer our clients wrong. Elevate your production while reducing your costs - purchasing used air compressors in Toronto has never been so simple!