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Used equipment spotlight: Hitachi DSP-22VA61

February 27, 2020

Used equipment spotlight: Hitachi DSP-22VA61

For the focus of today’s piece, we’re giving center stage to an industry favourite: the Hitachi DSP-22VA61. We’ve recently updated our lot of used air compressors in Toronto with this fabulous piece of machinery with barely any used hours to its name.


Facilities can expect to cut down on their utility bills and recuperate upfront costs through the Hitachi DSP-22VA61’s variable speed nature (30HP), especially if they’re looking to replace a fixed speed compressor counterpart.


Savings like these are compounded by the Hitachi being a rotary screw air compressor. Thanks to its fixed rotor, unlike a compressor utilising vanes, flow rate (i.e. CFM) efficiency is higher, leak paths are less frequent, pump speeds are higher, and overall performance is improved. But we’ve yet to scratch the surface as to what truly makes this Hitachi model a worthwhile investment for so many…


A true space saver

As the smallest model dimensionally in the DSP line of Hitachi air compressors, facilities that are hard pressed for space are flocking to procure this diminutive compressor (Table 1.) that certainly punches above its weight.



Table 1. Dimensions of Hitachi DSP models of air compressor.


Capitalising on this feature, the designers at Hitachi decided to go all in on ergonomics and accessibility with its one of a kind panel design, manufactured with optimal space conservation in mind.


Noise attenuation

Space may be one thing but noise is another; warehouses and facilities that are tight for space, in most cases, have to be mindful of noise production also. Hitachi’s DSP line, leaving no stone unturned, has been manufactured to dampen excessive noise by way of its noise attenuating enclosure, provided as standard. Better yet, leak paths have been brought down to an all-time low; details like these are what afford Hitachi to be considered industry leaders in the field.


Your very own unit from a reputable supplier

Compressed Air International is proud to have the Hitachi DSP-22VA61 available for rent or purchase from our extensive selection of used air compressors in Toronto. Better still, our dedication to providing value for money over the last 50 years comes through as this model is a full package, complete with air dryer, transformers, and air receiver.


Get in touch and secure a bargain or simply browse our extensive selection of used air compressors in Toronto – we’re sure to have what you need!