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Used Air Dryers and Air Compressors in Toronto

May 05, 2021

Used Air Dryers and Air Compressors in Toronto

Used air dryers are in high demand, just like used air compressors in Toronto. This is because used equipment have great utility, providing businesses with extra power at short notice without costing an arm and a leg. Typically, many smaller businesses and even larger ones will enlist the help of a used air dryer to help with key industrial processes in conjunction with an air compressor.


Used air dryers and used air compressors in Toronto can be acquired through trusted dealers like Compressed Air International.


Function of an Air Dryer

The basic function of air dryers is to remove moisture from air. They achieve this by cooling the air to a sufficient level through the use of a refrigerant, thus “drying” the air. Dry air is needed for the process of air compression for specific applications where moist air cannot be used. Examples include pneumatic equipment that is susceptible to water and rust damage.


Types of Used Air Dryers at Compressed Air International

At Compressed Air International, we have a reliable stock of used air dryers and used air compressors in Toronto. Here are two of our used air dryers:


1. Ingersoll Rand DXR425 Air Dryer

This unit has a CFM rating of 425. Its voltage is 460/60/3, and it is supplied with a transformer. Ingersoll Rand is one of the top manufacturers of air dryers and air compressors in the industry. This machine is part of a series of air dryers that use mechanical refrigeration to dry air, achieving pressure dew points as low as 33 to 39 Degrees Fahrenheit. It is an incredibly efficient machine, being able to achieve condensation of up to 65 percent of the moisture out of the inlet air before it reaches the chiller by using the outgoing air to pre-cool the inlet air. This reduces the heat load on the refrigerant compressor, permitting the use of a smaller refrigerant compressor.


2. Purestream TDF 185 Air Dryer

The Purestream TDF 185 air dryer has a CFM rating of 650 and 575 volts of power. It features a R134A or R404A environmentally-friendly refrigerant, utilizing a compact cabinet design complete with easily removable steel panels. This is a single pressure vessel design with copper piping and a carbon steel vessel. There are removable flanges on the pressure vessel allowing for the easy access of cleaning and replacement if the need arises. Due to this ease of maintenance, the TDF 185 boasts a healthier lifespan. It also comes with a bilingual microprocessor controller.


When it comes to used air compressors in Toronto, we also have a wide selection of readily available units. Stay tuned for our blog next time to learn more about those products.