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Used air compressors

December 07, 2016

Used air compressors

At Compressed Air International, we also deal in the sales of used air compressors in Toronto. We do this to ensure that budget constrains don’t prevent you from owning an air compressor. We have a team of technicians that do thorough checks on our used air compressors. We however offer tips to our clients on what to look out for when buying a used air compressor from our Toronto store.

What to look out for when buying a used air compressor.

Look at the CFM rating, the horsepower, and the tank size of the device. Also decide how portable the unit should be and whether it should be lubricated.

CFM Rating

CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute." This is the measure of the airflow that is expelled from the compressor in an average minute. CFM rating is used to designate the air compressor's power. For instance, an average air compressor might supply 90 pounds PSI (per square inch).

Experts recommend overshooting the estimated power needs by 40 percent. Buyers should also check the sea level at which the air compressor was rated.

Power Source

Air compressors may be electric or gas-powered. Gas-powered devices are useful in areas where there is no access to an electrical outlet. It may run out of fuel in the middle of a project. an air compressor powered by electricity is always ready to go as long as there is an outlet nearby.


Buyers who are purchasing a used air compressor for the first time might be tempted to buy one based on the horsepower specifications. Horsepower information usually parallels the CFM rating. However, horsepower is not the ideal gauge of the compressor's intensity. Buyers should look at the CFM rating first and use that as the primary gauge of power for their used air compressor.

Lubricated vs. Oil-Free

Lubricated air compressors have internal parts that are kept oiled so that they run more smoothly and quietly. Oil-free air compressors do not have any such lubricant and are known to be very loud as a result. Oil-free models also wear out more quickly than lubricated models do.

Tank Size

Air tanks in used air compressors should be solid and durable, with no dents or cracks.


If buyers need portability, they should ensure that the used air compressor they purchase has handles or wheels that are intact and functional, without any broken or damaged parts.