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Understanding Industrial Air Compressors Toronto and Guelph

February 14, 2014

Understanding Industrial Air Compressors Toronto and Guelph

What is an Industrial Air Compressor Toronto and Guelph?

An air compressor is an industrial device. It is used to covert power into kinetic energy. It uses an engine run by fuel or electricity. The engine compresses and pressurizes air. If allowed, this air pressure can be released in bursts.

Where are They Used?

Industrial Air compressors in Toronto and Guelph have various applications in the modern industry. Their functions range from simple to intricate uses. They are used to fill gas cylinders. This process uses high pressure to fill clean air into the containers. They are also used to employ moderate pressure into supplying air to divers in the sea. Large building need air supply. Air compressors are used to supply clean air to HVACs and pneumatic valves. 

What are the Types of Industriial Air Compressors?

The most common types of air compressors available in the market are rotary vane compressors  and rotary screw compressors. The pumps which run the compressors are of two types as well. They come in an oil lubed or oil free compressor variety. The oil free compressor variety is the more polular one as it is said to deliver air of better quality.

Rotary Vane Compressors

The rotary vane compressor has many applications. It is used in filling tyres. It is also used for repair cars and pressure equipments. Tools of dentistry also employ the use of rotary vane compressors. They are perfect tools for businesses which need high quality air. They are available in numerous designs. They employ the most cutting edge technology to reduce time and resources. Kellogg compressor and Hydrovane compressor are some popular types. Of the two, the Hydrovane compressor has proved to be the most versatile. It is powerful in function. Also it provides reliable function and is cost effective for small businesses.  They are available in the HV and HVRS series.

Rotary Screw Compressors

The rotary screw compressors contain the recent technologies. They aid in the manufacturing process by supplying continuous outflow of compressed air. It cn be trusted in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. They are available in 5 designs. One of which is a variety available in oil injected variety. It comes with energy recovery units, cabinet heater, oil drip pan and remote control. It uses food grade oil to function.  Oil Free compressors are also available in this category. They are most recent inventions in air compressor technology. They are economical and noiseless in their make and maintenance. Variable speed compressors are also available for industries with economic energy needs.

Industrial Air Compressor Installation and Maintenance

Most compressor distribution and manufacturing companies store air compressors. They provide the best business solutions streamlined to specific approaches. All one needs to do is give them a call. The quality customer service executives will devise the perfect hardware needs for individual needs. The charges of installation are variable, but understandably low. In case of malfunctions and repair the attached warranty will come in handy. Each of these compressors is checked for quality and functionality.