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Tips for Restarting Your Air Compressor After An Extended Shutdown

February 10, 2021

Tips for Restarting Your Air Compressor After An Extended Shutdown

For an extended period of time, businesses in Canada have been dealing with uncertainty in regards to their ability to operate. You may have shut down your facility over a certain period of time. Whether that shutdown lasted for a month or for several months, both time periods are considered long enough that you will need to take extra precautions when you reopen and turn on your industrial air compressor in Toronto for the first time in a while. Not taking precautions could cause your compressor to malfunction or sustain significant damages.


Before you turn on your compressor, make sure you do these three things first:


1. Check pipes and hoses
Seeing as your industrial air compressor in Toronto was not in use for a while, it could have experienced oil leaks during that time. The hoses and pipes will have cooled down, causing them to become brittle or crack. As such, make sure to check your pipes and hoses before turning on your air compressor, and replace those parts immediately if you detect any issues.


2. Check the oil
The oil in your compressor’s tank will have sat idle for quite some time. Depending on how long your facility has been shut down, your oil quality may have significantly deteriorated. When inspecting the oil, look for discolouration or floating particles in the tank. You can also give an oil sample to your service provider, who can provide an analysis of its condition.


3. Check the drive belts
Just like your pipes and hoses, your drive belts will deteriorate as well. All of these materials are made of rubber, and significant downtime will cause material breakdown. Check the tension of the belts as well as for its overall condition, searching for cracks or other areas of imperfection. Make sure the power is turned off before inspecting the belts if your industrial air compressor in Toronto.


If you come across anything concerning during your inspections, make sure to call Compressed Air International and we will be able to help you with service, repairs, or replacements.