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Tips before Purchasing a Second Hand Air Compressor

May 31, 2016

Tips before Purchasing a Second Hand Air Compressor


There are many used air compressors in Guelph for sale by individuals and companies. There are many avenues where one can sell a used air compressor in Guelph, including the internet. If you have a very tight budget then it is a good option to consider buying a used machine. The secret is to purchase a machine that is still in good condition and you will be paying less for it rather than buying a new one with the same performance. The air compressor system is used in applications that require the use of compressed air. There are different applications in various industries where the air compressors are used especially in powering pneumatic tools. The most common types of pneumatic tools that use compress air are staplers, sanders, powered guns and sprayers. Many of these tools function better when compressed air is used rather than another power source.

There are different types of used air compressors depending on the model that can be found on the internet as well as in retail stores in Guelph and the GTA. The prices are different for each air compressor system based on the features available and the ability of the machine. The systems have different designs with different needs when it comes to energy source such as electricity and fuel. The air compressors that are powered by electricity are the most commonly bought type because there are no emissions when used. There are many factors that one should consider before purchasing a second hand air compressor system.

First of all, it is important to know where the second hand air compressor will be used. To determine this, think of the pneumatic tools that will be driven by the air compressor system. There are various classifications of second hand air compressors depending on the size and its capability. There are small ones that are portable and handy especially if it needs to be transported always. There are large ones with larger tanks and has the ability to produce higher quantity of air but they are not as portable and must be placed in a single location. It is important to choose the air compressor that will suit the needs of the user.

Each air compressor system has a different level of horsepower that is able to power different types of pneumatic tools depending on the amount of the horsepower it can produce in order to work efficiently. It is also ideal to choose air compressors that have valves that can be changed into various size and type in order to be able to do more out of the machine. A pressure regulator is also important in order to make sure that the machine is performing exactly as it should be and optimum energy is used for quality compressed air. Another factor that should be considered is the tank of the air compressor. There are machines that do not have a built-in tank and is used for applications requiring only small amounts of compressed air and there are those that have built-in tanks to store enough air for use. The size as well as the design of the tank has an effect on the operation of the machine.