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Things to Consider When Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto

February 02, 2018

Things to Consider When Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto

Look no further than Compressed Air International when it comes to buying used air compressors in Toronto. CAI can partner with your enterprise to help decide on your next investment. With our wide knowledge of the industry and well-established experience, we can provide dependable, high-quality equipment.

Air compressors are needed in industries that demand compressed air in their ventilation systems and other tasks: hospitals, factories, and construction sites are only a few examples.


Because of financial considerations, used air compressors are sometime considered to be a better investment for companies. Here are some key aspects to consider when purchasing used air compressors in Toronto:


Warranty offer for used air compressors

To assure customers of the quality of the used air compressor, a supplier should be able to provide their clients with a product warranty. This warranty enables a client to put their minds at rest when purchasing used equipment. At Compressed Air International, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our used air compressors in the GTA and Guelph area.


Added services with used air compressor purchase

If you are in Toronto or Guelph, we provide free commissioning on-site. We have highly skilled technicians and experts that can help setup and configure the air compressor on any site, building or facility.


Test certification

We certify our refurbished and even new equipment, conducting tests based on industry-accepted standards which confirm the performance and quality of the compressor. Our pre-owned air compressors in Toronto are tested based on its specifics, history and parts. You are guaranteed to receive an reliable air compressor, always appropriate on the required specifications that you need.


Option for trade-in

We ultimately want to serve our clients and help them with their overhead costs. If your enterprise is considering decommissioning older models, we will happily offer a trade-in discount based on their condition and age.


At CAI, we take pride in the quality of our products and service. Call us or visit today to speak with an expert!