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The Role of Industrial Air Compressors in the Food Processing Industry

July 13, 2016

The Role of Industrial Air Compressors in the Food Processing Industry

There are different types of industries that make use of an industrial air compressor throughout Toronto, in specific areas of their operations. In the food and beverage industry, it is considered a very valuable tool that can’t be easily replaced because it is one of the major reasons why food and beverages are handled safely and with quality during the production phase. The majority of the production areas are already modern and equipped with industrial air compressor because it is the best power sources; it is reliable and safe to use. With an air compressor in hand, there is an unlimited access to high quality compressed air during the production and the packing processes.

 Many huge production facilities are employing high quality industrial air compressor throughout Toronto in order to perform production that is not only efficient but also cost effective. It is a general rule that in the food production industry, good hygiene must be a daily practiced to ensure there are no contaminants. When it comes to this industry, there is a food safety management standard that is being followed which is one of the requirements set by the legislations that is based on the guiding principles that govern the HACCP or hazard analysis at critical control point. Hazards are one of the things that are known to exist in every production area and this is why it is important to identify what these hazards are and to perform any preventive measures needed to ensure that these hazards will not arise.

When handling food and beverages, it is good to know the reason why contaminants are able to penetrate the production process which can also affect the compressed air provided by the compressor system. Generally, an industrial air compressor like those throughout Toronto might be in contact with contaminated air from its immediate surroundings. The majority of these contaminants are not visible just by observing with the naked eye, such as dust, oil vapor, microorganisms and water vapor. If an air compressor system makes use of lubricants then it is possible that there will be small amounts of oil vapor, oil aerosols and liquid oil that are present in the system. Rust as well as pipe scale are also developed with the presence of piping used in distribution and receiving of the air.

There are many ways in which a production facility can ensure that there is no contaminant present such as using a coalescing filter that is needed for a cost-effective process. Though there are many types of filtration system, the coalescing filter is best in removing contaminants in the air. To remove any oil contaminant, it is best to add an oil removing filter to help with the coalescing filter in making sure the compressor is free of any harmful contaminants. This way, the cost of operations is reduced and there is less maintenance needed in comparison to other filters. Any contributing factor that can add contaminants must also be evaluated and eliminated from the production area.