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The Right Steps Towards Finding the Best Air Compressor Service in Toronto

August 21, 2019

The Right Steps Towards Finding the Best Air Compressor Service in Toronto

It can be intimidating finding the best air compressor service in Toronto. With so many to choose from, selecting one capable of seamlessly integrating into the culture and standards in your work environment, be it through turnaround times or economic targets, can be problematic.


Working in the air compressor service industry for over 50 years has given us the insight necessary to adapt with the dynamic climate surrounding air compressor maintenance. There are, however, a number of principles that have remained steadfast when you decide to look for air compressor service in Toronto.


Whether you are looking to reduce overhead costs or keep your air compressor running more efficiently, here are a list of qualities you should come to expect from your chosen air compressor service centre:


1) Holistic Installation

The foundation of what makes an air compressor operate as it should is centred on its installation. Requirements surrounding the layout, design, and power supply should be mirrored to the needs of your air compressor unit; all this is only made possible by having qualified staff on board who possess the experience and skillsets required to correctly install your air compressor.


2) Programmes Dedicated to Preventative Maintenance

It is well documented that the reoccurring costs associated with scheduled maintenance far outweighs the incurred costs resulting from downtime, which can severely hinder profitability. Therefore, it is important your air compressor service in Toronto provide you with a complete inspection report as a means of accountability. However, many unforeseen consequences can occur which necessitate an emergency repair, which is why the next point to make our list is…


3) Ability to Accommodate Emergency Repair

Those in the unfortunate position requiring their air compressor to undergo emergency repair should have the confidence to rely on the scalability of their air compressor service centre. Your air compressor servicer should demonstrate, in practical terms, their ability to adapt in repairing damaged air compressors in as short a timeframe as possible.


Professional air compressor servicers can readily identify if renting an air compressor will better serve to keep your business on track with your project, while mitigating lost capital. Therefore, it is recommended you partner with an air compressor servicer that is available 24/7 to handle your emergencies.


4) Energy Auditing

Comprehensive analysis surrounding your air compressor usage should be measured, not least of which is your energy usage. In today’s environment, our carbon footprint is more important than ever, not only for the planet, but for remaining as cost efficient as possible. Energy saving rebates are unique to every environment, sometimes a quick assessment may be enough while in other cases an in-depth study is essential. A dependable air compressor service in Toronto should have the logistical means of providing these services.


5) Stand-By Compressors

Depending on the severity of damage to your air compressor, it can work in your best interest to have a means of short or long term air compressor rental while your main unit is undergoing repair. Downtime can be minimised if your air compressor service in Toronto provide this service, preventing unnecessarily lengthy procurement on your end. Being able to access an inventory of stand-by electric compressors, portable compressors, air dryers, and high-pressure units can be an invaluable resource in a moment’s notice.


6) Resources to Perform an Overhaul

Worst case scenarios should always be planned for, one of which being an overhaul to your air compressor showcasing significant damage. Highly equipped and specialised test facilities are required in these cases so that you can be sure your air compressor is repaired according to factory specifications. Respected air compressor services in Toronto will ensure your air compressor is tested and warranted before redeployment so you can have peace of mind when it inevitably returns to your facility.


We Do Not Compromise on Quality

Compressed Air International’s technicians are available 24/7 for any emergency services surrounding your industrial air compressor. We always strive to be a holistic source for air compressor service in Toronto, ensuring your downtime is kept as minimal as possible while we get your air compressor back to functioning like new!