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The Pros and Cons of New vs. Used Air Compressors in Toronto

December 20, 2018

The Pros and Cons of New vs. Used Air Compressors in Toronto

When purchasing air compression equipment, you may think to buy brand new. But have you considered the benefits of purchasing a used air compressor in Toronto? This article will go through the pros and cons of purchasing used air compression equipment as opposed to buying brand new.  

New Air Compressors in Toronto

  • Pro: It has never been used before - All the parts of the compressor are brand new – this provides comfort in knowing you will not have to deal with the maintenance of parts that have deteriorated over time
  • Con: It has not been tested - Even new air compressors can have some problems upon installation on site. Since it has not yet been tested, you are not sure if the unit will work as you expected it to be.
  • Con: It is more expensive - Brand new air compressors are costlier to buy than used compressors in Toronto. You will need to allocate more of your budget to purchasing a new product

Used Air Compressors in Toronto

  • Pro: It has been tested on site - The benefit of purchasing a used air compressor is that you know the unit is functional as it has been tested on site.
  • Con: It has been used before - Buying a used compressor means you are using a product that was previously installed. While the parts are still functional – you must also understand that some of the parts could have experienced functional wear and tear in the process. Be sure to go to reputable companies who sell used air compressors in Toronto to ensure that you are getting a functional product for a better deal than purchasing new.
  • Pro: It is cost-efficient - You can get as much as 50% off for a used air compressor compared to purchasing a new unit. However, be mindful that you should do your due-diligence. Inspect product parts and functionality by checking to see if the unit parts are still available to purchase on the market in the event that they do need to be replaced in the future.


A Final Note

Ultimately, you can do well with either of the two. When it comes down to affordability – you may have to do some work, but buying used air compressors in Toronto would be your best deal. If budget is not an issue for you and you would prefer not having to worry about repairs in the near future, then buying brand new might be the best option. In the end, assess your personal situation and figure out what makes the most sense for you.