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The Intricate Processes Involved During Air Compression

September 15, 2020

The Intricate Processes Involved During Air Compression

In the world of heavy industrial processes and manufacturing, technological innovations on tools and machinery have improved very fast. One of these pieces of equipment are air compressor parts in Toronto -- these indispensable machines are sought after by many industries because of their multiple uses and powerful capabilities. They come in a wide variety of types and sizes but perform the same function. The most common type is the reciprocating piston air compressor. Though it is comprised of various air compressor parts in Toronto, it operates on a simple 2-step process. 

What is the process?

In the first step, the pressure of the air inside the machine is forced upwards. During the second step, the volume in which the air is contained is reduced. This then condenses the air in the compression chamber to a more compact form which goes against the properties of the natural air. Once these two are combined, a gaseous substance is collected that can become powerful once released. 

Reciprocating piston air compressor parts in Toronto are powered either with an electric or gas motor. This motor is being connected to a cylinder by an inlet valve on one end and a discharge valve on the other end. These valves are mounted on the top end of the cylinder. Once the motor is powered, the inlet valve sucks in air as much as the machine can safely handle. The air brought into the tank is then compressed by the piston in the cylinder into a smaller volume of space. The amount of pressure will then be increased until it reaches the final pressure and is discharged for use. 

Other types of air compressors create pressure with the use of rotating impellers but for heavy-duty applications, most air compressors use positive displacement devices. They permit the air to be compressed into compartments for a reduced containing space which lowers its volume. Larger air tanks mean more compressed air is contained for long and heavy-duty work.