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The Compressed Air International Family is Growing!

December 23, 2020

The Compressed Air International Family is Growing!

Compressed Air International is proud to congratulate our parent company, Xebec Adsorption, for its recent acquisition of Hygear. Compressed Air International has been a trusted, long-time provider of industrial air compressors in Toronto to a variety of different businesses. With the expansion of our family, we hope to be able to provide even more holistic knowledge to our clients.


Xebec is a designer, engineer, manufacturer, and servicer of industrial equipment for compressed air.


Together, Compressed Air International and the Xebec companies provide a wide range of services and products to a variety of industrial applications, with Compressed Air International focusing on industrial air compressors in Toronto, Guelph, and more.


Xebec’s mission is to advance the field of cleantech by continually innovating and providing top-tier services to clients. Similarly, Compressed Air International hopes to bring a message of sustainability and help make it even easier for our clients to reduce their energy costs and contribute to a cleaner, greener world. Compressed air technologies meet an urgent market need globally to replace conventional energy production in order to perpetuate more sustainable development. At Compressed Air International, we provide services to help audit your compressed air usage, identifying areas for improvement of energy consumption in order to help you reduce prices.


With the acquisition of Hygear, we are proud to say that Xebec and all its subsidiaries will continue to contribute even more to sustainable development, expanding our knowledge base and using the latest research and development findings to improve our procedures.


Hygear is a supplier of industrial hydrogen and nitrogen gas in bulk quantities. They are known for their ability to deliver more cost-effective and reliable gas supplies. Like Compressed Air International, they have a focus on industrial applications and also seek to help their customers approach energy in a more sustainable and cost-saving way.


We at Compressed Air International will continue providing and servicing industrial air compressors in Toronto, putting our clients first and improving our knowledge base to help service them better. Contact us today for more information!