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The Best Options to Overhauling Air Compressors

January 06, 2021

The Best Options to Overhauling Air Compressors

Any air compressor that has been running for quite some time will inevitably start showing telltale signs of damage or age. As the operator, you will have to carefully check your equipment in order to determine the root of the issue. You will be able to tell that there is an impending failure when you do routine fluid checks, bearing vibration inspection, and oil sample inspection. Another thing to check is the air-end temperature as an increase can mean a failing cooler. Fragments or contaminants in your oil is also a proven indication of worn parts.


If your compressed air system is facing a serious problem that goes beyond a simple air compressor repair in Toronto, then what you need is an overhaul. There are two options for overhauling your air compressor.


Carefully consider each option to figure out the right choice for you.  



This method of overhauling your air compressors can be done at shops that provide services for advanced air compressor repair in Toronto. The manufacturer’s factory should have all the design drawings and product specifications to remanufacture the equipment back to its original factory settings. The company can also provide other services for air compressor repair in Toronto or replacement of air end parts such as seals, pumps, gaskets, bearings, and so on with new OEM-certified components. Once things are in good order, a comprehensive mechanical and performance test is performed before dispatching the unit back to your facility.



Rebuilding air compressors can be done in your own facility site where your air compressor has been installed. In carrying out this non-OEM rebuild method, air compressor parts are overhauled and replaced with other rebuilt or third-party parts. Necessary industrial air compressor repair in Toronto is performed on-site. Once rebuilt, the overhauled air compressor will then be tested, including examining vibration levels and discharge pressure as well as testing for any oil leaks.     


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