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The Benefits of Preventative Air Compressor Service

September 16, 2021

The Benefits of Preventative Air Compressor Service

Even the most durable equipment will also need servicing, if not to address critical issues then to ensure that your equipment stays in good shape for the long run. If you want to save time and money when it comes to repair work, then you need to make sure to establish a partnership with a reliable air compressor service provider. They will help you understand your equipment better and provide key services to keep them in tip top shape.


What are the benefits of preventative air compressor service?


It is better to catch problems early on rather than leave them to fester and become increasingly serious over time. This is crucial especially for industrial equipment like air compressors as they perform a lot of heavy duty functions for various applications. By servicing early, you give yourself extra time to deal with problems and prevent them from suddenly causing you costly downtime. You certainly do not have to wait for the machine to break down during times of high use.


How to determine when an air compressor needs servicing?


In order for you to know when it’s time for air compressor service, you have to be able to spot the signs early on. Here are the common telltale signs to pay attention to.


  • Excess moisture: while it is normal for moisture to be produced when the equipment is working, excess condensation is a good indication that something is wrong with the drain system.
  • Too much noise: if your compressor comes with a built-in noise reduction chamber but still makes too much noise or produces rattling noises, you may either have a fault in the motor or a broken component.
  • Breakers that trip frequently: this sign may mean a lot of things. If the electrical circuit is not the problem, then you need to call in a professional immediately to check on your system.
  • Low pressure or high loss of pressure: this issue can mean many things. It can be due to reporting issues, parts that are wearing out, or just a technical problem with one of the internal components.


Aside from that, you can also schedule air compressor service. The air compressor experts you work with can help you set up a timetable to fit your needs. Get in touch with an air compressor service provider today to learn more about how preventative service can help you maintain the performance of your air compressor.