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The Benefits of Oil-Free Industrial Air Compressors

April 17, 2019

The Benefits of Oil-Free Industrial Air Compressors

There are many industries where cleanliness is a top priority in order to ensure optimal safety. To remain clean and perfectly hygienic, oil-free air compressors are used in order to maintain dry and sterile environments. An industrial air compressor from Toronto delivers oil-free air to ensure that no contamination occurs. Today we’ll go over why oil-free air compressors are so beneficial and why it’s the preferable choice.


Less Maintenance

Oil-air compressors require constant oil changes in order to maintain optimal efficiency. Every compressor comes equipped with a user manual, noting how often the oil should be changed. Constantly maintaining an oil-air compressor results in higher operating costs since the lubricant must be purchased, whereas oil-free air compressors eliminate these costs. Since oil-free air compressors don’t require any lubrication changes, they are much easier to maintain than their oil counterparts. Instead, oil-free air compressors are permanently pre-lubricated, usually with Teflon.



Oil-free air compressors deliver exceptional air quality, making it the perfect choice for applications that require impeccable hygiene. There are many industries that demand extreme levels of sanitation such as the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industry. In order to prevent contamination, oil-free air compressors are utilized to ensure that air quality is at its highest. Furthermore, leaks can occur with oil-air compressors should anything become damaged or compromised. To alleviate any concerns of contamination or pollution, it’s best to use oil-free air compressors. Above all else, an industrial air compressor from Toronto prioritizes cleanliness ensuring that nothing becomes contaminated.


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