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The Benefits of Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto

June 28, 2016

The Benefits of Buying Used Air Compressors in Toronto

Even though you might not consider buying used air compressors in Toronto as an alternative to buying a brand new air compressor, you need to be informed that there are a lot of advantages of buying a used unit over a new unit. This especially applies to those who have a limited budget. And even though your primary reason is due to budgetary constraints, buying a used compressor certainly provides you with remarkable economic solution for your facility.

Benefits of Used Air Compressors

When buying used air compressors in Toronto, you will ultimately end up saving some money. Buying used air compressors is often less costly compared to buying a new unit since the retail price has already declined after it was sold to its first buyer. However, like automobiles, used compressors may be sold even with only a minimal wear and tear. Often, they are almost in a new condition. However, you will only be paying for a fraction of the cost. You can also find remanufactured or reconditioned air compressors that are reverted back to its initial condition right after the unit has been used by the previous owner which afford the benefits of a new one at a much lower cost.

Additionally, when you buy refurbished or used air compressors, you will definitely acquire more for the amount of money that you have. When a used air compressor is purchased, you usually get a brand that is reputable. This means that you acquire the durability and quality craftsmanship of top brands at a significantly discounted value. Should you want a durable and reliable brand but are short of cash to have a brand new unit, you can opt to buy a used air compressor in Toronto as you can still own a unit of the brand that you like with a lower price tag.


Like the brand new unit, the used air compressor can be used for different applications. The most basic is associated with the unit used in filling vehicle tires. Here are some of the common uses of air compressors.

  • Power tools. The common tools that are powered by air compressors include jackhammers, nail guns and others. This is beneficial since the air compressors contribute a lot to an additional safety precaution to the task that you have at hand as there will only be little or no electricity at all involved for the job.
  • Filling up gas cylinders.
  • Used in powering HVAC pneumatic control systems.
  • Used in creating pressurized air for industrial processes of large scale.


Aside from those mentioned above, you may also note that air compressors are being widely used and are explored for new applications in new markets and industries.

Positive and Negative Displacement

There two main types of compression which are positive and negative displacement. In positive displacement, the air is forced inside the chamber with a decreased volume in order to compress the air. In negative displacement, different centrifugal compressors are incorporated. The use of centrifugal force accelerates and decelerates the air that is captured.