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Symptoms of a Poorly Functioning Air Compressor

March 19, 2019

Symptoms of a Poorly Functioning Air Compressor

In the internet age of DIY everything – there are just some things you should definitely leave to the pros. DIY air compressor repair is one of those many things. Maybe you’re noticing that your air compressor is leaking, or you’re hearing a troubling sound as opposed to its regular operational hum. Either way it’s imperative that you opt for air compressor repair in Toronto, rather than attempting to fix anything yourself. If you do, you might end up having to repair more than the initial problem – or worse, you might end up hurting yourself. Determining what symptoms your air compressor displays will ultimately help your air compressor technician diagnose and fix the problem efficiently and effectively.


Today we’ll look at few things to consider when opting for air compressor repair in Toronto:


The Age of Your Air Compressor


A key indicator in determining the overall functional reliability of your air compressor is determining the unit’s age. Looking at inspection records of older air compressor units can indicate whether a certain problem has persisted on an ongoing basis.


Irregular Operational Noises


Irregular or louder than normal operational noises are another indicator that something may be wrong with the interior components of your air compressor unit. Similarly, if your air compressor unit begins to sound quieter than normal – this could also indicate that the unit is not operating as effectively.


Assessing Physical Damages


Examining your air compressor unit is probably the largest indicator in assessing whether or not your air compressor unit requires repair. Check for unexplained condensation, oil leaks, an accumulation of rust, cracks – or anything else that is out of the ordinary. Ultimately, if you’re unsure about how to approach anything seemingly abnormal when it comes to your air compressor - it’s best to reach out to a reputable air compressor repair service technician to be 100% certain that your unit is running at peak efficiency.


Finding a Reputable Air Compressor Repair Service


While it’s not ideal to have to deal with repairing your air compressor, it is imperative to ensuring daily operational duties. Luckily the knowledgeable and experienced team at Compressed Air International are fully capable of determining your air compressor’s needs and ensuring repairs are made as effectively and efficiently as possible. For quick and easy air compressor repair in Toronto – give Compressed Air International a call – we’d be happy to assist you!