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Should you consider purchasing a used air compressor?

December 08, 2015

Should you consider purchasing a used air compressor?

Air compressors are widely used in many industrial companies and organizations. When purchasing an air compressor, you can either go for new air compressors or used air compressors. Both have their pros and cons, but depending on your circumstances, you might choose to go one with one or the other. Used air compressors are typically purchased by individuals and companies due to a lesser demand for a new machine. They are typically purchased when the need for such a machines and their associated requirements is not great. Sometimes it’s not necessary to go with a brand new machine, so we will discuss used air compressors into greater depth.

Over time used compressed air systems fail to work because of the depreciation that naturally occurs with machines. Occasionally machines require upgrades to better their performance and to ensure that they will continue work properly. Used air compressors can also become obsolete, as newer machines with more capabilities and reliability can surpass their utility. For that reason, upgrading a new machine is sometimes necessary to ensure that it will continue to operate up to industry standards. At Compressed Air International we offer turnkey services to keep our clients satisfied with our used machines. Trained workers and experts help to install, retrofit and modify the air compressors and ensure that they fully satisfy our clients’ needs. Because of our superior service with our new and used air compressors we stand out among our peers within the Toronto area, and our reputation extends out nationally across Canada.

 As experienced technicians and professionals, we handle all facets of the business. This includes electrical systems, piping and ventilation. We handle all installations in accordance to the standards of the TSSA requirements. We also offer maintenance for all our equipment, including our used air compressors, which we guarantee for a year after purchase. Additionally, we offer distribution services to our clients and customers through the various companies we partner with which include CompAir, Hydrovane, and many others.