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Saving Money with a Variable Speed Industrial Air Compressor

June 03, 2021

Saving Money with a Variable Speed Industrial Air Compressor

When it comes to industrial air compressors in Toronto, there are a myriad of choices and businesses do not always know which ones they should go for. One of the compressor types that is seeing a lot of interest is the variable speed compressor, thanks to its cost-saving capabilities.


In today’s blog, we will be walking you through the benefits of a variable speed industrial air compressor in Toronto:


Overview of Energy Savings

Unlike fixed speed compressors, variable speed compressors do not have full-load or offload mechanisms that causes energy wastage. Here are the basics of full load and offload settings:


  • Full load: a fixed speed compressor to use up 100% of energy when it is at full load, even if the demand does not require that level of energy.
  • Offload: even when they are offload, fixed speed compressors still use up to 2/3 of their full load energy.


Furthermore, variable speed compressors do not have pressure bands. Fixed speed compressors require a 10 to 20 PSI cycle range above the needed pressure in order to cycle between load and no-load. On the other hand, variable speed air compressors will perfectly match pressure requirement to demand. Every 2PSIG saved cuts energy consumption by 1%. Therefore, if you save 20% of pressure, you are reducing energy costs by 10%.


Incentives and Rebates

Due to these impressive energy saving capabilities, incentives and rebates are being offered to businesses to make the switch to variable speed compressors for their industrial air compressors in Toronto. The rebate you can receive will depend on the horsepower of your new compressor. At the lowest HP level of 10, you can potentially get a rebate of up to CAD780, with the highest rebate being CAD17,140 for a 200HP compressor. Furthermore, the energy savings from your new variable speed compressor will be a huge boon to your budget.


If you are looking to make the switch, make sure to get in touch with Compressed Air International to learn more about your options. For more information about other government rebates and incentives available, check out our website.