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Save on Energy Incentives for Compressed Air Systems

December 16, 2020

Save on Energy Incentives for Compressed Air Systems

There are many reasons why industrial air compressors in Toronto are so popular. Obviously, they are required for many different industrial processes, but they also provide immense energy savings if maintained properly. The Save on Energy program, offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator, is a program which operators of industrial air compressors in Toronto and Canada can take advantage of by using the various incentives and resources offered to make energy-efficient projects more affordable.


There are new changes to the Save on Energy Program happening January 4, 2021. 


This is the perfect opportunity to reduce energy costs and earn rebates for your efforts. Check out a full list of various improvements and retrofits you can get done and earn incentives on.


As shown in the list, most operations to improve the energy efficiency of an air compressor will be rewarded. For instance, installing zero loss air drains to replace moisture drains under the control of timers or installing engineered nozzles to replace open blowing pipes or locally fabricated nozzles are both eligible measures from which you can claim incentives.


It is also important to take note of costs that are not eligible:


  1. Any costs that are not third-party costs or that are internal costs of the participant, including labour, service, administration, or overhead
  2. Financing costs of the Participant
  3. Related insurance costs of the Participant
  4. Post-installation maintenance or service contracts
  5. Spare parts, spare equipment, or other inventories
  6. Tools for installation of equipment (both purchase and rent)
  7. HST


Make sure to carefully check the information from Save on Energy in order to make eligible claims for your industrial air compressors in Toronto.


Compressed Air International is happy to work with our clients to help you take advantage of any government incentive programs available.


Here are some of the ways we can help you:


  • Providing you with relevant information on government incentive programs.
  • Our professionals are trained to help you through the examination, application, and fulfillment process
  • Assessing your compressed air system to identify cost saving applications
  • Ensuring the monitoring and controls are in place to ensure you continue to realize all the energy savings possible after the initial claims are received