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Round-the-Clock and Responsive Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

May 01, 2018

Round-the-Clock and Responsive Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

Air compressors are often integral parts of the production process and any downtime can cause adverse chain reactions. Fortunately, air compressor repair in Toronto is readily available with Compressed Air International round-the-clock.

In this article we’ll talk about some common symptoms and what may have caused them. Be aware, this is only an indicative list. Also, faults can be caused by more than just one factor.


Exactly why an air compressor is not functioning can only be determined upon a closer inspection by an expert.


Not turning on – This can happen for a number of reasons, including an electrical fault, low oil levels or some fault in the pressure sensing mechanism.

Knocking sound – Knocking can be as a result of a damaged main bearing, connecting rod bearings, a loose flywheel or due to the wrist pins. Whether the knocking sound occurs with the same frequency as the RPM will be a tell-tale of where the fault may lie.

Oil consumption – Excessive oil consumption can be due to a number of reasons, including oil leaks, oil seeping into the air filter, an incorrect orientation of the air compressor, worn piston rings or damaged cylinder.

Insufficient pressure – If you are receiving compressed air at an insufficient pressure, but the compressor appears to be working, it could be as a result of a leak or restriction; the issue may also with the air intake, or perhaps the demand placed is greater than the capacity of the compressor.

Slow pressure build-up – A slow build-up in pressure can be caused by a variety reasons, including air leaks, loose belts, a blown cylinder head gasket or even a dirty air filter.

Oil in discharge air – Worn piston rings, incorrectly installed piston rings or some other issue related to the crankcase are likely bets. However, it can also be as a result of excessive oil in the compressor.

Blown fuse – A blown fuse can be a sign that the compressor is not being run at the electrical specification at which it is supposed to. It can also indicate an electrical fault in the system, which must be checked as soon as possible.


For your air compressor repair needs in Toronto get in touch with Compressed Air International. Our technicians are on call 24/7 to handle emergency air compressor repair in Toronto, Guelph and other areas. Our teams are highly experienced and will find the most suitable and quick solution for you. To reduce your downtime, we can even install a rental air compressor.