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Refurbished Air Compressors

February 02, 2017

Refurbished Air Compressors

Used Air Compressors

            Like-new refurbished or used air compressors are available in the Toronto area through Compressed Air International. With an extensive inventory of used air compressors there is everything to meet your commercial needs at a significantly lower price than buying brand new.

            Each unit comes with a one-year warranty, eliminating the risks involved with buying a used air compressor. There is free on-site commissioning available. All units are test certified. An experienced team of service professionals will take you through each step of selecting and purchasing the right used air compressor for your company.

            There are also opportunities to sell back any excess units or trade in to upgrade an existing air compressor system. Service is provided from installation to maintenance throughout the life of your unit. Used air compressors in Toronto can also be placed into an existing system as a rental or a short term fix until a permanent solution can be found. Whether you’re looking for a rental solution or ready to buy, there is a used air compressor unit perfect for your system.

There are reciprocating, fixed speed, variable speed, and oil free air compressor units available for the need of every system. If you’re looking for a temporary fix or multiple used units for a large system, Compressed Air International Inc. has what you need. With access to all makes and models of used air compressors, there are units ranging from 2 HP – 500 HP and pressures up to 6000 PSI. Built to last, there is a perfect unit waiting for you.