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Rebuilt Belliss & Morcom Air Compressor Now for Sale!

April 23, 2019

Rebuilt Belliss & Morcom Air Compressor Now for Sale!

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Our reputation for commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the provision of used air compressors in Toronto. We are excited to announce that we have another used air compressor available: a Belliss & Morcom VH9H3N compressor. In this blog, we’d like to highlight Belliss & Morcom, and the used model we’ve rebuilt.


What You Get With a Belliss & Morcom Compressor

We supply air compressors from Belliss & Morcom because we are confident in their manufacturing capabilities and the quality of their parts and equipment. The company was founded in 1852, with over a century of experience in the industry. They are an innovator of oil-free, high-pressure reciprocating technology, with over 40 years of experience in supplying this type of compressor for the PET bottle blowing industry. Outfitting your facility with Belliss & Morcom air compressor systems will ensure increased productivity and reduced operating costs, as the company’s mission is to maximize operational efficiency. Even their used compressors are expected to outperform oil-free compressors manufactured by other companies.


Details on Our Refurbished Compressor

We have rebuilt a Belliss & Morcom VH9H3N compressor to offer our customers the quality of a Belliss & Morcom compressor at an affordable price. Here are some details about the model to help you determine if it is the right industrial air compressor for your facility:


-Completely rebuilt using original Belliss & Morcom valves, rings, scrapers and other components

-100% oil-free

-Supply capacity of 340 Scfm @ 40 Bard

-Upgraded 150HP coolers


As far as used air compressors in Toronto go, the efficiency afforded by this model will be tough to beat. For those interested in purchasing our rebuilt Belliss & Morcom VH9H3N compressor, we can have it delivered to you in three weeks. You won’t have to wait long to start putting your compressor to use!


At Compressed Air International, we supply both new and used air compressors in Toronto. Our refurbished compressors provide the full functionality of a new model at a much lower price. We are confident in the quality of our used compressor systems, and we provide our customers with a one-year warranty and free on-site commissioning to ensure they are satisfied with our equipment. Contact us for assistance in finding the best used air compressor for your needs!