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Quality Used Air Compressors with CAI in Guelph

March 12, 2018

Quality Used Air Compressors with CAI in Guelph

Compressed Air International offers a wide range of original refurbished and used products to satisfy our more price-savvy clients. Our professional team of technicians deliberately inspects each machine that we resell to ensure quality and function. In this way, we can ensure that your business will get the most value for any money invested on used air compressors in Guelph.


It is important to consider the overall performance and dependability against the appearance of a used air compressors. Proudly located in Guelph, our shop has a variety of air compressors that have seen little to extensive use but are far from ready for recycling. Our staff will assist you in choosing the best one for you to minimize cost and increase the productivity of your business.


All of our used air compressors in Guelph are inspected and refurbished thoroughly so as to reach a like-new standard.


Our expert technicians can help you check refurbished items to ensure they are in sustainable working order. Here’s how:

You will first want to check that the electric motor that is connected to the pump is functioning well. This is where the air is being forced and pushed to the tank. The pressure in the tank is measured by the gauge attached to it; make sure that it is also well calibrated and functioning.

You should also check if the gauge has a regulator in it. This is an important part of any air compressor. It measures the amount of pressure that you can distribute to any particular tool in use.

Try turning the regulator to see if it's working properly. The gauge must be moving and indicating the desired PSI.

Other components that you should carefully check include the tubes attached to the tank, looking for leaks or deep scratches. The tubes are where the air passes through, and must not contain any damages like small holes or even slashes.

We make sure that our company’s name remains respected and trusted, so we sell only those machined which meet our quality standard.

With our used air compressors, you can have much more affordable equipment with guaranteed performance. Call us or visit Compressed Air International today to learn more!