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Properly Winterizing Your Air Compressor

March 05, 2019

Properly Winterizing Your Air Compressor

Not being prepared for extreme weather can have destructive implications on everything from basic infrastructure to the functionality of critical applications within your home. Winters in Canada can be especially harsh – with temperatures dipping below minus 20 degrees Celsius with the added effect of wind chill. Ensuring appliances like your used air compressor in Toronto is adequately prepared to withstand freezing temperatures will serve to further their overall longevity.


Today we’ll go through a few preemptive steps you can take to properly winterizing your air compressor.


Regular Maintenance


Experts suggest that bi-annual maintenance checks are imperative to ensuring your used air compressor in Toronto is in good working order. Inspecting your air compressor’s drainage system for any sort of blockage will allow for better air flow. Repairing any leakage, regardless of how small or large the leak is, can serve to save you money in energy consumption in the long run. Lastly, cleaning out your air compressor’s filters for contaminant build-up will allow your air compressor to function more efficiently and effectively.  


Weatherizing Inspection


As suggested above, conducting a bi-annual maintenance check is important to preserve your air compressor’s longevity. Timing your checks based on seasonal weather changes, or even opting for additional seasonal checks allow you to take the necessary steps to prepare your air compressor for extreme temperature changes associated with winter or summer.

When assessing your air compressor – look for things like weather stripping, insulation, and drains evident in the opening cavities of your compressor. Be sure to replace any weather stripping, repair any instances of condensation of leakage in your compressor’s insulation, and ensure that the openings of your compressor are capable of providing adequate drainage in the case of precipitation.


Opt for a Good Condition Used Air Compressor in Toronto


When searching to buy or replace an air compressor, opting for “like-new” air compressors can save you money. Purchasing quality used air compressors from a reputable retailer can also offer an assurance that your air compressor is capable of enduring the wear and tear associated with daily use. Of course – regular maintenance checks are still imperative to ensuring their overall longevity.

Luckily Compressed Air International maintains an inventory of quality factory-original, refurbished used air compressors in Toronto and Guelph. We also offer a one-year warranty, free on-site commissioning, and test-certified verification when you purchase one of our air compressors. Our knowledgeable team of service professionals are capable of streamlining the process, offering full worry-free support to ensure you are happy with your purchase.