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Project spotlight: Reducing electric costs for a compressed air system

February 12, 2020

Project spotlight: Reducing electric costs for a compressed air system

As part of our comprehensive air compressor service, a Toronto client who utilised a compressed air system for the manufacture of vinyl windows recently sought out a method to bring down their capital expense.


With a knowledge bank dating back more than half a century, the consultants at Compressed Air International recommended they undergo our Compressed Air Energy Audit, which is where our story begins…


What ended up happening?

The primary goal was to diminish electric draw and costs associated with the client’s compressed air system. After being audited under our air compressor service in Toronto, our solution ended up generating $64.5M/year in electrical costs, enabling them to be granted with a SaveOnEnergy rebate from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Better still, all retrofitting costs were more than made up and paid for from the energy savings and rebate alone over a 1.5 year period.


What was our solution?


1.New equipment: variable speed compressor, dryer, compressed air management system, and dew point moisture monitor.

2.Installations: piping, ducting and ventilation, and electrical and leak detection.

3.Compressed air audit: pre-audit, post-audit, and support in submitting application to the IESO to receive rebate.


The results in numbers


1.Hydroelectric savings amounting to $63,586/year – a direct, measurable benefit to the client’s bottom line.

2.A SaveOnEnergy incentive from the IESO totalling $49,928 after retrofitting an energy saving solution.

3.A return on investment (ROI) achieved in <1.5 years.


An air compressor service in Toronto that strives for optimisation

Whether you are in need of an audit as comprehensive as this or simply a quick check-up, we at Compressed Air International have the processes and talent in place to diagnose and remedy pressure drops, air leaks, and other extraneous environmental burdens your system may be subject to. Get in touch and compress your costs!