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Product Spotlight: Rebuilt Belliss & Morcom VH9H3N

April 02, 2020

Product Spotlight: Rebuilt Belliss & Morcom VH9H3N

When it comes to used air compressors in Toronto, Compressed Air International has all the options. Not only do we curate the best used air compressors, our expertise with compressed air systems means we have experience rebuilding many air compressors to increase their capabilities and performance, presenting to customers top-notch products at reasonable prices.


Our latest rebuilt machine, a Belliss and Morcom VH9H3N, features new, original Belliss and Morcom parts, rings, scrapers, and valves.


It is not an ordinary rotary screw compressor – it is meant for heavy-duty usage, such as in mining, hydro, or electrical power plants.


The Belliss and Morcom VH9H3N is a 100% Oil Free (Class 0) PET Duty Air Compressor with a supply capacity of 340 scfm @ 40 bar. On top of that, the machine includes a 150HP – 575V or 460V control panel, as well as upgraded 150HP coolers. This air compressor can also be supplied with a 150HP - 575V or 460V drive motor.


Heavy-duty air compressor use needs to be handled carefully, and only with the best machinery in the industry. The unique specifications of the Belliss and Morcom VH9H3N make it crucial for heavy duty applications. Machines like this are also no longer being manufactured, meaning that the best option for acquiring them are through quality rebuilds such as this one.


Some of the other features of this machine include high energy efficiency levels, low installation costs (the services of which Compressed Air International also provides), compact arrangement (direct drive or v-belt), low vibration and noise levels, individual stage cooling and separation, and low life cycle costs. This machine is water-cooled.


Compressed Air International takes great care in our rebuilds, striving to provide customers with unbeatable quality. Knowing the importance of machines like the Belliss and Morcom VH9H3N as well as used air compressors in Toronto, we make sure the machinery we supply is always dependable.


If you’re a customer with an end of life VH9H3N and you need it replaced, we offer a great rebuilt option among our inventory of used air compressors in Toronto. Give us a call for more details on delivery and pricing!