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Product Spotlight: Cost-Effective Nitrogen Generation System

February 03, 2021

Product Spotlight: Cost-Effective Nitrogen Generation System

Nitrogen is a crucial component of many industrial processes. Some of the applications include chemical blanketing, electronics, heat treatment, rapid prototyping, power generation, plastics manufacturing, and more. As a supplier of industrial air compressors in Toronto, Compressed Air International has also accumulated valuable knowledge in many other industrial equipment and applications, including nitrogen generation.


Traditionally, many industrial plants utilize bottled nitrogen. However, this is not the best solution.


Bottled nitrogen is used to create high pressures for manufacturing process that require precision execution.  More and more companies are trying to reduce the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining bottled nitrogen and are as such searching for more cost effective alternatives. This is a growing requirement in many industries and Compressed Air International has found a solution. 


On top of supplying industrial air compressors in Toronto, we also provide nitrogen generation solutions. Recently, we helped an automobile manufacturer install a nitrogen generation system, eliminating the need for bottled nitrogen for their laser cutting process.


Indeed, one of the chief benefits of nitrogen generation is to eliminate the need to handle high pressure cylinders, liquid dewars, and bulk delivery. This provides higher turnovers, reduces the factor of human error, and helps reduce costs and risks of accidents overall.


Our nitrogen generator utilizes principles from compressed air as well. The compressed air booster we installed for our client is capable of raising plant pressure from 110 psi to 250 psi. Working closely with our client, we designed, supplied, and installed a desiccant low pressure dryer, followed by a reciprocating booster compressor and high pressure storage tank.


The result was a cost effective, steady, and reliable supply of clean dry compressed air being supplied to their laser cutter. They have greatly benefitted from the elimination of expensive nitrogen cylinders, and we are proud to be able to use our expertise with industrial air compressors in Toronto to provide versatile systems for a variety of applications.


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