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Product Overviews: Used Air Compressors in Toronto

May 12, 2021

Product Overviews: Used Air Compressors in Toronto

There is a high demand for used air compressors in Toronto due to their ability to provide extra power at short notice and at a low cost. When it comes to choosing a good used air compressor, make sure to opt for a trusted brand and go through a professional distributor, who will have done all the refitting and upgrading necessary to boost the performance of the used air compressor.


At Compressed Air International, we have a catalogue of used air compressors in Toronto for your choosing.


Our air compressors have been appropriately fitted with excellent parts and tested through rigorous settings to ensure quality performance and durability. Here are 3 of the machines we have right now:


1. CompAir L90G Rotary Screw Compressor

This is a 100HP rotary screw compressor with working capacities of 620 CFM at 100 PSI. It features a highly-efficient cooling system through an independent, motor-driven fan. Due to its easy-to-manage design, it is incredibly easy to install and also boasts low noise levels and low service costs.


2. CompAir 6075 Rotary Screw Compressor

This is also a rotary screw compressor, but more suitable for higher pressure environments compared to the L90G. It has a 75 HP motor and runs at capacities of 335 CFM at 125 PSI. Its unique design enables it to produce more capacity at higher full flow pressures. It features two-mode regulation for easy energy saving.


3. Kaeser CS 121 Rotary Screw Compressor

The CS 121 compressor has a capacity of 458 CFM at 125 PSI, with a 100 HP motor. Kaeser Compressors are globally renowned as a high-quality manufacturer of compressor systems for a wide variety of industrial applications. You can acquire older models such as this for specific applications through the rental or purchase of used units from trusted distributors such as Compressed Air International.


Stay tuned next time for more information on our other used air compressors in Toronto.