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Priority Areas to Check during Air Compressor Service

July 08, 2021

Priority Areas to Check during Air Compressor Service

Air compressors are an important part of any warehouse or facility’s operations. Without them, major operations cannot proceed as required, causing costly downtime for a business. It is important to have a trusted provider of air compressor services perform checkups on your equipment frequently so that you can reduce the need for repairs.


There are a number of different parts that have to be checked when an air compressor service is performed.


Reciprocating air compressors are popularly used in many different kinds of applications, namely in smaller industries such as automotive workshops, woodworking shops, light manufacturing, and assembly operations. For different types of air compressors, there are different priority areas that technicians should pay more attention to. Here are the parts of a reciprocating air compressor that require the most attention during air compressor service:


  • Rings – Worn out piston rings can result in excessive oil consumption, causing unneeded expenditures and worsening air compressor performance.
  • Valves – Valves are vulnerable to the buildup of carbon deposits. These blockages can cause the air compressor to take longer to build up pressure, causing excessive energy consumption and reducing the machine’s lifespan.
  • Controls – Controls such as pressure switches, check valves, and pilot valves have to be checked for any defects to ensure smooth air compressor operation.
  • Belts – The tension or tightness of the belt has to be maintained at the appropriate level. Furthermore, the pulley’s alignment should also be checked frequently as they can sometimes run, causing issues with the belt.
  • Air intake filters – These air compressor parts take in a high amount of foreign material. They should be cleaned frequently and changed if needed, with no expense spared, to ensure that your air compressor does not encounter costlier problems down the line such as overheating.


If these parts are checked carefully during your routine air compressor service, you can rest assured that your air compressors will perform to their best during your operations. On top of enlisting the assistance of service providers, make sure you adhere to the best practices of air compressor operation and clean your machine and its surroundings regularly. After all, the smallest things can make a difference in the overall performance of this equipment.