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Fluid Chillers
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Parker Hyperchill

Parker Hyperchill water chillers celebrate a presence of over 30 years in the industrial chiller market. This experience has led to a range which not only offers all the advantages typically offered by a quality water chiller, but also adds significant benefits for the industrial user. As such Hyperchill combines advanced design solutions, such as energy saving scroll compressors and a sophisticated microprocessor, with unique features to meet the specific needs of industrial users: these include Hyperchill’s extreme flexibility towards the varying working conditions typically found in industry.

The standard models are augmented by a wide range of options and accessories, which together ensure Hyperchill is the perfect solution to each and every industrial application. Hyperchill maximizes
productivity and minimizes costs, as well as easing conformity to regulations on water quality. Hyperchill is the perfect solution to industrial chilled water needs.

Hyperchill is an all-in-one solution, with all components packaged inside.  Compact dimensions and a low weight make it simple to position, while models from PCW020 can be installed outdoors.
Maintenance is facilitated by full frontal access, a removable tank and a condenser section which is isolated from the rest of the chiller (from PCW020).

Unlike traditional chillers, Hyperchill places the evaporator stage within the tank, with the temperature control sensor positioned on the water outlet:  this guarantees a very accurate water outlet temperature control.

Hyperchill standardly uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C on all models.

Hyperchill operates continuously in all conditions and with all applications.