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Most Important Air Compressor Parts

September 19, 2022

Most Important Air Compressor Parts

The use of compressed air across industries has significantly risen. Air compressors are energy efficient, contributing to their increased popularity. Low operating cost, ease of use, and application are some of the most significant benefits of compressed air. The Air compressor is an intricate machine that relies on numerous parts for optimal functioning. We discuss in this blog some important air compressor parts. CAI is a leading supplier of air compressor parts in Toronto.


Crucial air compressor parts

Air compressors are essential machines in many industries, from construction to manufacturing. Here are the most important parts crucial for the performance of air compressors:


The blower wheel 
Also known as a blower fan, it creates airflow and is made of strong material, like metal or industrial-grade plastic. It’s crucial that it’s in good condition and regularly serviced, as a faulty blower wheel can cause the compressor to stop working. 

The motor
This is the main component that powers the compressor and needs to be in good condition for it to work efficiently. If it’s not sealed well or doesn’t have any lubrication, it can start to wear down over time, which will eventually lead to the compressor breaking down.

The impeller
This is the part that does the actual work of compressing the air. The impeller acts as a propeller in an air compressor. It rotates at a high speed and is crucial for transferring energy to the fluid. An impeller is imperative for increasing fluid pressure.

How to Maintain Air Compressor Parts
When it comes to maintaining parts of an air compressor, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that the oil is kept fresh. This oil helps to lubricate the moving parts and protect them from damage. Over time, oils will become clogged with gunk and dust, which will cause your compressor to break down more quickly.

To keep your oil fresh, ensure to change it regularly – every four months is a good rule of thumb. Additionally, it is important to clean your air compressor regularly as well. This includes removing all dust and debris from all internal parts. Doing so will help to prevent serious problems down the road. You can rely on Compressed Air International Inc. for sourcing air compressor parts in Toronto at the best rates. We also offer compressor service in Toronto. Call us today to learn about everything we can do for you.