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Maintaining Your Air Compressor System

June 15, 2016

Maintaining Your Air Compressor System

It is general knowledge that many industries in Toronto employ the use of air compressor systems to power their various tools and equipment thus the need for preventive maintenance and repair if necessary. Majority of the machining as well as fabrication shops rely heavily on the tasks accomplished by the industrial air compressors since these are used to power up many of the machines. Aside from these industries, the mining industry as well as many road construction projects make use of air compressors as another source in driving their equipment to operate. Because of the many ways that air compressor serves in different industries, it is not surprising that a downtime will occur sometime in the future thus the need for air compressor repair in Toronto. These downtimes have negative impacts on the tasks or projects in operation. The good news is that many companies are offering air compressor repair in Toronto, covering a wide variety of models and types.

Why is it important to get maintenance on an air compressor done regularly? This is one of the most foolproof ways of ensuring that the air compressor system will operate efficiently. Generally, in house technicians are in charge of the maintenance schedule of these machines but there are also cases where the company where the air compressor system was bought is responsible in sending professionals to repair their products. Because there are many different types of air compressor systems, certain repairs may be unique from model to model but there are general problems that can be repaired easily with the help of regular maintenance. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • It is important to note that daily inspection of the air filters must be conducted and these must be cleaned once a week and must be changed upon a month of usage. There are exceptions such as in very dusty surroundings where the air compressor is operating. In this case, there is faster rate of accumulating dust and debris which requires the air filter to be cleaned regularly.
  • The oil inside the system must be inspected once a week and changed when needed. Different manufacturers have different recommendations when it comes to the frequency of the oil changes.
  • Regular inspection of the inlet filters must also be conducted and changed when needed.
  • Many cases of air leaks can be easily repaired thus it is important to check the piping as well as the joints regularly for signs of air and water leaks.
  • There should be no dirt and debris blocking the air filters thus regular cleaning is recommended.
  • The belts in an air compressor system must always be checked for any signs of wear and tension. If there are indications, these must be replaced at once.
  • To make sure everything is documented and not forgotten, it is recommended to have a log book that records the dates of inspections as well as the services that are done on the industrial air compressor system used. This will serve as a reference for the state of the machine.