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Learning Compressor Upkeep From Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

June 12, 2018

Learning Compressor Upkeep From Air Compressor Repair in Toronto

All industrial air compressors perform, mostly, the same basic task of providing compressed air for commercial or industrial applications. However, it is much more common for air compressors to operate in environments and conditions which differ dramatically, and mean harsh conditions. An air compressor operating in a dry warehouse for metal fabrication will face far less noxious an environment than that faced by one operating at a waste water treatment plant, say.


Air compressor repair in Toronto never has a dull moment, as harsh operating conditions and infrequently serviced compressors cause some peculiar failures.


This makes air compressor repair in Toronto a service which must be prepared for anything. From rusted tanks to piping that is being corroded by incessant exposure to corrosive fumes, our team looking after air compressor repair in Toronto has quite a tale to tell.


Moisture – Warm air in the summer means a greater chance of condensation in air compressor tanks and plumbing. Left to rest, tanks will corrode over time, necessitating air compressor repair in Toronto. Make sure that all drains are clear, and the condensate is drained is treated before being drained.


Temperature – Operating compressors at the fringes or beyond the recommended temperature range places great stresses on virtually every part of the compressor. From burnt out compressors, air leaks to broken seals, our team looking after air compressor repair in Toronto has seen it all. Make sure that your compressor’s coolers are clean and working effectively.


Oil? What oil – One particularly gnarly experience our air compressor repair in Toronto team had was when they were called into look into an air compressor that had seized completely. They were surprised to find the compressor still rather warm to the touch. Checking the dipstick and opening up the housing, they were in for quite the surprise – no oil in the system! And, seemingly the compressor had not been serviced since it was purchased (almost three years). Repair? More like a rebuild.


For your air compressor repair needs in Toronto get in touch with Compressed Air International. Our technicians are on call 24/7 to handle emergency air compressor repair in Toronto, Guelph and other areas. Our teams are highly experienced and will find the most suitable and quick solution for you. To reduce your downtime, we can even install a rental air compressor.