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Keeping your industrial air compressor fit in Toronto or Guelph

December 15, 2013

Keeping your industrial air compressor fit in Toronto or Guelph

Keeping your Air compressor fit

Compressed Air is the fourth utility and is used in industry for a variety of purposes including:  machine operation, pneumatic tools, pneumatic controls, compressed air operated cylinders, product cleaning and blow offs.  Keeping the air compressor system properly maintained is very important. Air compressor service should be carried out at regular intervals so as to keep the compressor in good running condition.

Starting with the right compressor for the process is important.  Your true air requirement can be determined by assessing the following:

  • What are the uses for compressed air in your process?
  • Do you need steady or intermittent demand?
  • How many shifts will you be running?  Will the requirements change per shift?
  • What are the end use equipment specifications for average flow rate, maximum flow rate, minimum pressure, maximum pressure and air quality requirement (ie. Oil-free, dryness and filtrations)
  • What are future requirements?

Ensuring you have the right air compressor in place will make the maintenance of the system easier to manage, rather than having an oversized, idling, or overworked that is damaging your point of use equipment. 

Different air compressor parts have different functions and even if one of the part stops functioning, the air compressor will not function properly. All parts should be checked regularly and the oil level should be monitored to ensure there is proper lubrication for each part. After using the Air compressor, it is important to unplug the unit, shut the motor off and turn off the valve. If there is any air in the hose it must be bled out.

Compressor repair and service should be done at least annual, but can also be semi-annually, quarterly or bi-monthly, depending on the number of shifts you run.  A preventative maintenance program is provided by air compressor service companies who check your compressor to ensure it is running properly.  They work with you to minimize down time by anticipating when compressor parts need to be replaced.  If parts are not properly checked and replaced and if the oil level and coolant level is not maintained properly, potential damage to the air compressor or other downstream equipment could occur, leading to major repairs in future.

Before selecting an Air compressor service company for your air compressor, it is advisable that you spend some time researching potential companies.  Compressed air is your fourth utility, so it is important that you entrust the job of service and repair compressors to a reputable firm.

If you start on the right foot by selecting the appropriate air compressor and keep it in good working order with a regular maintenance program, you will increase the life span of your capital equipment.