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Issues to Watch Out For When Performing Compressor Inspections

June 10, 2020

Issues to Watch Out For When Performing Compressor Inspections

Of all the various parts that comprise an industrial air compressor, the most vital is the air-end as it is where the compression of air occurs. Though it can typically last for a very long number of hours of operation, it can be damaged prematurely if not well-maintained. Contamination, extreme heat, and dirty fluid may all cause you to call for air compressor repair in Toronto. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to make sure you have set up scheduled maintenance for your machines.


During the maintenance process, the technicians will make sure to check for the following key issues.


Overheating: air-ends are made to cope with most of the heat that is generated during the compression process but there are some issues that can still cause the heat to be elevated beyond the level that the air-end can withstand. So, it is important to monitor that the heat level of your machine is not too much for your system to handle.


Condensation: this issue usually occurs when the drip tray is not being drained regularly. If that’s the case, condensation can build up and spread throughout the internal parts of the compressor and cause more issues that require professional air compressor repair in Toronto. Condensation may also happen if the operation takes place in humid conditions and the equipment lacks proper ventilation.


Corrosion or rust: rust forms on the air-end and anywhere near it if the equipment is not properly drained, lubricated, and maintained. It happens when moisture is absorbed by the metal surfaces of the compressor. It is important that you see this issue early on to prevent it from causing irreparable damage to your equipment. 


Too much pressure: Over-pressurizing your air compressor just so it can achieve the level of operation you want will cause serious problems. It may cause parts of your compressor to work abnormally which can lead to major system issues. If the air-end is pushed too much beyond the normal pressure level it can manage, overheating will occur as well as other issues that can derail the compression process.


With all that said, if you require air compressor repair in Toronto, you can always count on us at Compressed Air International to provide you the best service possible.