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Industrial Air Compressor Parts: Air Filters

December 01, 2021

Industrial Air Compressor Parts: Air Filters

With compressed air being drawn from the machine’s environment, it is not entirely clean. The air in compressor systems will be filled with various particles that have the potential to contaminate end products, in addition to possibly harming machinery or other equipment. By setting up the right parts like a compatible filter, or opting for air compressor repair if needed, you will raise the quality of your compressed air and increase your system’s efficiency. It is important to note that the number and versions of required filters are based on the air quality your application must feature.

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Different kinds of air filters

Firstly, a compressed air filter is a piece of equipment that aids in removing any unwanted and potentially damaging contaminants from compressed air. The presence of aerosols and vapors would be removed by this product. Small liquid droplets, such as oil or water, are known as aerosols, while liquids that have been converted into gas form would be identified as vapors. Solid particles of a small size, like dust and dirt, are also cleared from compressed air by these specially designed filters.

A compressed air filter can be matched with one of three categories: coalescing, vapor removal, and dry particulate filters. Using each type will lead to the same result (contaminant removal), but the three operate in unique ways. Lastly, different applications require their own level of filtration, and it is necessary to have a firm grasp on your process details in order to select the best type of filter for your compressed air system overall.

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