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How to Take Care of Your Used Air Compressor

September 27, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Used Air Compressor

Used air compressors in Toronto require special care and attention to be able to operate effectively and efficiently.


You should look for when buying used air compressors in Toronto several things. Here are two suggestions:




  1. Check the Hoses: The ideal hose size for used air compressors in Toronto is a 3/8 inch hose.  This is ideal because it does not limit the airflow coming from the air compressor. The output flow should not be restricted or limited in any manner to avoid any issues with the motor. A hose that is smaller in diameter may cause restricted airflow, making the motor work harder to create pressure.
  2. Regular Lubrication: Your used air compressors need a generous amount of lubrication. Having the right kind of lubrication is important: an incorrect lubricant will only harm other components of the air compressor. A tool lubricant is often used, as it has additives that help preserve the service life of the unit.


Placing the lubricant in the right areas is also key to the proper operation of the unit. Improper placement can result in lubrication in the wrong areas, which will cause problems during operation.


Implementing the suggestions above will help ensure your used air compressor runs smoothly for as long as possible. At Compressed Air International, we are proud to offer our clients an inventory of “like-new” and factory original and refurbished used air compressors in Toronto. You can rest assured knowing that all our compressors come with a one-year warranty, free commissioning onsite, and have been test certified. In addition to used air compressors, we also offer used air dryers and compressor accessories.


Our current supply of used air compressors includes the CompAir L45 Rotary Screw, the CompAir C345 Cyclon Rotary Screw, and the CompAir L132RS Variable Speed Air Compressor. For more information on each, please browse our website for exact specifications. Contact us for a quote or for more information by calling us toll-free at 1-888-826-7247!