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How to Minimize the Need for Air Compressor Service

November 19, 2021

How to Minimize the Need for Air Compressor Service

Regular air compressor service is needed to maintain the performance of your air compressor. However, unscheduled service and repairs are sometimes needed due to unforeseen circumstances, which can be costly and inconvenient for businesses. In order to reduce the need for repairs, you will need to maintain proper operating and maintenance procedures.


In today’s blog, we share some tips on what you can do to reduce the need for air compressor service:


1. Fix leaks quickly and carefully maintain conveyor parts

It takes a good amount of energy to compress air. As such, leaks of any size are a waste of resources. 80% of air leaks are inaudible. You will need to detect them as soon as possible and fix them immediately. Be proactive in checking the components of your air compressor and make sure to enlist the services of preventative air compressor maintenance to keep these fragile components in tip-top shape. Pay attention to where potential leaks can occur due to dust, sludge, corrosion, or clogged filters.


2. Run your compressor at required pressure levels

A small reduction in pressure can reduce the strain on your compressor substantially. Check the system pressure from time to time to stay on top of whether your system is running at the required pressure. Reducing the operational pressure band might be a good idea if it suits the applications as this will make the compression process work more efficiently and reduce the chances for premature wear and tear.


3. Change filters regularly

Check and replace filters regularly to ensure the quality of your air and avoid pressure drops. Preventative maintenance measures are crucial in ensuring your filters are kept clean. A schedule for replacements can also be helpful.


4. Follow proper maintenance

Just like other industrial machines, air compressors run more efficiently when properly maintained. Proper maintenance reduces energy costs and the possibility for damage by a huge percent and helps prevent breakdowns that lead to downtime and lost production. Protect your reputation and profits with proper maintenance.